What is Water Doctors?

Imagine having a tool that can diagnose and repair any Automotive Leak and Odor problems. In addition, this tool requires no long-term training and can be used effectively by even the least-skilled worker.

Now imagine that tool takes up no space in your garage, and requires nothing more than a computer with an internet connection!


All repairs are online! No additional programs need to be installed on your computer's hard drive.  Repairs are updated daily without taking our site off-line.  Water Doctors is available 24 hours a day!

Water Doctors
can become a valuable asset to dealerships, auto body shops, glass replacement companies, insurance companies and a wide range of other automotive professions.

Unlike our "competition", who make monthly, or in some cases annual updates, Water Doctors is updated several times a day!

While our "competition" typically only publishes copies of Technical Service Bulletins, Water Doctors uses detailed descriptions and step-by-step illustrated instructions, and even video tutorials, to make all required diagnoses and repairs! AND THAT'S JUST THE BEGINNING!

In short, Water Doctors is a tool that can fix any Wind, Water or Dust Leak, as well as any Auto Odor!

And for those who wish to have someone fix the leak for them, Water Doctors has a Team of Franchisees and Service Professionals who use our Program to fix Automotive Leaks. If you need to get a leak fixed, click here Find a Water Doctors near you!

Or, if you want to become a Water Doctors service professional, click here to Join the Water Doctors Team!